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The Ideal Guest At Your Wedding… March 8, 2010

As a certified wedding and event planner, my job is not only to focus on my clients visions, and execute them while staying on budget, but to also educate them of new services and products. Stylish Affair’s specializes in alternatives for brides that need budget friendly products and services..and provide them with the information so that they can have the opportunity to experience their very own unique and personal day.

I wanted to talk about, a product that was introduce to me at the 2009 Bridal Show, A wonderful alternative to having a costly DJ. I had the opportunity to actually work with the owners of this amazing cost effective DJ-in a Box! It’s called the QUEBBIE DJ IN A BOX. QUEBBIE provides all the music for your party,special event and weddings. The QUEBBIE was developed in the country of the Netherlands as one of the first fully programmable commercial music systems in the world. The systems where to provide the hospitality industry and other business an easy to use background music solution. Since it’s initial introduction as a Background Music System in the United States in 2001,and with well over 4,ooo systems in operation worldwide, QUEBBIE has kept going. The QUEBBIE DJ-in a box Portable music system is now taking the American Party Rental World by storm. The QUEBBIE DJ-in a Box was developed to be an instantly rent able music system,and fully licensed complete music source.

The Music Database, in combination with state of the art Touch-Screen Technology, now instantly provides a Professional Entertainment Solution to any party,special event or wedding. Although there is only one available in San Diego, STYLISH AFFAIR’S Wedding & Events,has been made an exclusive vendor for this perfect sound rental system.

If you are interested in renting this equipment for your wedding or special event please contact us and we will handle all the necessary details for this equipment. This system is preloaded with 17,000 songs, from one hit wonders to todays number one hits. The QUEBBIE is the perfect rental for Class Reunions, Office Parties,Birthdays,Anniversaries, Corporate Events, Fundraisers,Block Parties,Graduations,and of course Weddings..

Contact us for your special day.
STYLISH AFFAIR’S Wedding and Events

Mobile Sound System

Q It Up



Chosen Finalist In Souplantation Contest


Stylish Affair’s, own wedding coordinator Mickey Long was chosen as one of the Top Ten Finalist in Souplantation crEATe a dish and is very excited to share her enthusiasm with all of you! Please help her, by casting your vote on behalf of the creation that was selected by souplantation judging committee . Below is the name and the link for all of you to cast your vote! It’s Free,and only take a few seconds to submit your vote.. Please show your support and encouragement !

The contest was held back in October 2009,and was judged on using the ingredients that souplantation has offered in their own salad bar.

Voting is taking place now and till December 31, 2009.  So you still have time to cast your vote on the ‘‘STACKED TUSCAN PLANTATION. By MICKEY LONG.

Please cast your vote at www.souplantation.com/create/voting.asp

The winner will be selected on January 8, 2010!

We thank you for your support and encouragement in advance.

Best Regards,


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THE WEDDING SCAM December 3, 2009

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You get the e-mail, from a client, who is looking for a professional wedding planner to handle all the details for his up and coming wedding, He is in the United Kingdom, and tells you what the vision is and ask if you can handle the details for them? They give you all the details by email,and your suppose to email them back with your quote, and tell them how you can provide them with their request. In just a few days, you receive a certified letter and Money Order for your services.

So you think that everything is great…! So you email the client and tell them the check was received and… they say ” Could you please send 3000 or so to other vendor, that is waiting on his funds to get his job done! Here is the scam …Money Order looks good,but it is forged! What they are hoping for is that you will send them the cash back, and your left with owing the bank all this money!

I was lucky enough to have just read up on this scam, that was posted on the Association for Wedding Professionals International website. I have enclosed a picture of the fake check. Now I can spot them onsite..and I like to collect them just for kicks and giggles.

Just a little FYI for my wedding professional friends.

Best Regards,
Wedding & Social Events
By Mickey Long


Networking Really Pays Off! November 19, 2009

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Stylish Affair’s has done some major networking, and is proud to introduce a couple of  new vendors that we have added to our preferred vendors list.

A special thank you to Adornbrides.com for allowing me to join in the team of partnerships and affiliations program,I’m hopeful that the San Diego Brides will take advantage of these spectacular pieces of fine jewelery. Nothing’s  better than feeling like royalty on your special day!

A  vendor, I would like to say thank you too is, invitationexpressions.com .  I’m excited to see the new designs twist on the 2010 collection for up and coming stylsh invitations trends!

Stylish Affair’s will continue to network, reasearch,and gain knowledge in the Wedding and Event Industry, We will make the contacts so that our brides will gain trust and confidence in our services when we recommend vendors for our  PVR List.

Today’s Wedding Etiquette Tip

The list cutting strategy

The greatest impact for cost of wedding ,is the reception, here is a quick and easy tip on cutting the cost with the guest list!

All those that are involved in inviting guest should write down the name of the guest whom they have invited,ranking by priorities..importance..ect.

Now, all  of those whom has made their list, look them over!  Cross out any duplicates.

Then add up the names, that are left, you can compare that number with you estimated guest count

If you think your over the limit, figure how many names you need to cut.

Have each person cut and assigned number of names, starting from the bottom of his or her personal list.

We all know that the size of the guest list could become overwhelming, so this is one way that family can help

with the guest list, and sticking to your budget..

Best Regard,


Weddings & Events

By Mickey Long



Finding Inspiration In Color ! October 31, 2009

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Weddings in the Autumn, A fabulous array of rich colors, inspired by the changing season of nature! I look around and see , the leaves falling to the ground, where they lay in abundance, mounds of golds, coppers, red, oranges, and yellows, all so delicately fallen against one another. The crisp air surrounds us, giving us a feeling of inner peace, and happiness.  Setting the perfect inspiration for a fall wedding. 

 Made me think of  a mountain retreat, with a crackling fires, urns of fresh  flowers of Rovers, Mums, and purple bellflower, or a small intimate back yard gathering, with  gold metallic candelabra or copper colored linens, crystal  stemware, and  tall bellowing topiary center pieces in the rich colors of autumn.

All of this creative and inspired energy, came from the color of a falling leaf, and nature.  Which makes me believe that we don’t have to look far to find inspiration!

Today , What was your wedding inspiration ?


A Free Boutineer or Toss Away Bouquets …. October 30, 2009

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The Four Letter Word….Love October 29, 2009

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Candles and FlowersI really don’t know when I started, loving to plan weddings for clients .    I guess after my own. There is something about them, that makes me feel like a hopeless romantic. With the  gathering of family and friends ,whom have all  come together to share a couples happiness, and joy!  Guest dress up in their finest garments, and  their smiles lighten up the space. The soft music in the background setting the mood for all to enjoy!

Each guest are sure to have flashbacks, and remember that excitement, that they shared on their own special day!  You look around and couples are holding hands and mingling with other guest whom they havent seen for a while, all anticipating to see the bride make her walk down the long aisle.  In her beautiful gown, hair styled  just right, make up is picture perfect. The bride , she has this glow that  just radiates for miles. The ceremony is a personal  and private moment for the couples to share their vows with each other, and with a few of their special friends.

The pictures from the day, when you look back on them there is something about them that are peaceful and serene, a captured moment in time, to look back on for years to come.

The cake, a beautiful piece of art that has been inspired maybe the couples interests, something meaningful to them or a theme that represents  both of them. They feed each other to symbolize, that they will take care of each other forever!

The first dance as husband and wife, is a wonderful feeling, I get when I see this ,each and every time. I think to myself  here is two beautiful people in love and committed to each other for eternity.

The father daughter dance, makes me teary eyed, cause I see this relationship of unconditional bond and the  love that a father and daughter have shared between the two of them, I don’t know why I get choked up! I don’t know if it is a sad feeling,that the father is losing her daughter to someone else or a happy one!

Regardless, of all the activities,that are taking place during the day, I know that the Bride and groom are happy at this very moment, and that’s what  makes me passionate about weddings.

Tell me what makes you happy about your wedding day!

Best Regards,

Stylish Affair’s

Weddings & Events