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American Business Woman’s Association Drive January 9, 2010

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Hello Ladies,

The East County Chapter for American Business Woman’s Association, is looking for more member’s to join our chapter.  On February 4, 2010 , we are holding a mixer and silent auction to raise money for our chapter,so that we can become a non-profit statics.

When is the last time you thought about  the challenges you face as a working woman, and wondered, “Does anyone else who deals with the same problems or wants the same things as I do?

The American Business Women’s Association is the organization to turn to if you want to form lasting friendships with women who share similar objectives and experiences, if you’re reaching higher  for your career goals, or if you are truly committed to educational opportunities for your-self and other women.

Members meet some of their closest friends through ABWA-friends with whom they can share their experiences, their laughter and their encouragement.

In fact, ABWA’s strength comes from more than 90,000 members, the majority of whom belong to one of our 1,700 chapters in the United States.  And the Association directs spring conferences and a national convention each year, which allow members the opportunity to develop friendships on a wider level.

As the roles of women become increasingly complicated, and as more women juggle careers and family responsibilities, it’s to get lost in the in the day-to-day shuffle.  It’s easy to forget to pay attention to yourself,to stop growing and developing.

ABWA is a national organization devoted to advancing working women through educational seminars; development of each skill and leadership abilities; and improved business relationships  It also provides enjoyable social opportunities for its members and other special benefits inherent to its size and influence.

Membership in one of ABWA’s local chapters enables members to network with other working women on a one-to-one basis throughout the year.  Chapter meetings offers a setting in which members can developed self-confidence and improve business skills.  Meetings also open up opportunities to discover and extend friendship and fellowship in a supportive group of caring, sharing women.

For more information about the American Business Women’s Association, please contact your local chapter or the National Headquarters for more details @ www.abwa.org

East County Chapter meets the second Thursday of each month. Our next East County Chapter is January 14,th at the 67  restaurant, in Lakeside, Ca. Time is 10:00 am.

Please contact me if you need more information about our chapter.

Best Regards,


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