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The Four Letter Word….Love October 29, 2009

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Candles and FlowersI really don’t know when I started, loving to plan weddings for clients .    I guess after my own. There is something about them, that makes me feel like a hopeless romantic. With the  gathering of family and friends ,whom have all  come together to share a couples happiness, and joy!  Guest dress up in their finest garments, and  their smiles lighten up the space. The soft music in the background setting the mood for all to enjoy!

Each guest are sure to have flashbacks, and remember that excitement, that they shared on their own special day!  You look around and couples are holding hands and mingling with other guest whom they havent seen for a while, all anticipating to see the bride make her walk down the long aisle.  In her beautiful gown, hair styled  just right, make up is picture perfect. The bride , she has this glow that  just radiates for miles. The ceremony is a personal  and private moment for the couples to share their vows with each other, and with a few of their special friends.

The pictures from the day, when you look back on them there is something about them that are peaceful and serene, a captured moment in time, to look back on for years to come.

The cake, a beautiful piece of art that has been inspired maybe the couples interests, something meaningful to them or a theme that represents  both of them. They feed each other to symbolize, that they will take care of each other forever!

The first dance as husband and wife, is a wonderful feeling, I get when I see this ,each and every time. I think to myself  here is two beautiful people in love and committed to each other for eternity.

The father daughter dance, makes me teary eyed, cause I see this relationship of unconditional bond and the  love that a father and daughter have shared between the two of them, I don’t know why I get choked up! I don’t know if it is a sad feeling,that the father is losing her daughter to someone else or a happy one!

Regardless, of all the activities,that are taking place during the day, I know that the Bride and groom are happy at this very moment, and that’s what  makes me passionate about weddings.

Tell me what makes you happy about your wedding day!

Best Regards,

Stylish Affair’s

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  1. We would love to hear what you love about weddings!

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